Escort refuses to satisfy my desires


Escort refuses to satisfy my desires

When an escort girl refuses your special wishes

As a client, it is your responsibility to indicate your (sexual) preferences before the date. Thus, the lady you choose will be able to adapt to them in advance and already exclude certain actions. In these circumstances, nothing should interfere with a harmonious meeting. What if the escort ultimately does not perform the agreed upon services?

When services are not performed

There may be various reasons why an escort may not agree to your wishes. In the simplest case, you have not provided any information about certain practices in advance, and the escort simply does not have the opportunity to indicate to you that she does not want to do it. In this case, you should always accept “no” from the call girl.

It may also be that you expressed your wishes, but there were difficulties in communication between the agency and the escort girl. In this case, you can usually resolve the situation directly with a quick agreement. It is best to ask at the first contact whether your data has been shared.

A much more complicated situation arises if a woman refuses certain physical activities for hygienic reasons.

Hygiene reasons?

Intimacy as you desire when interacting with an escort requires a certain degree of mutual respect, as well as an attractive and neat appearance. It shouldn't be primarily about appearance. Of course, not every client matches the escort’s body type and clothing style preferences. In fact, this is not a problem, the ladies are ready to welcome you with great openness. What they don't have to put up with is a noticeable disregard for personal hygiene. For health reasons only, natural boundaries are established here. In addition, feelings of disgust arise that are contrary to harmonious sexual contact.

Common reasons for an escort to refuse agreed upon intimate services:

  • Bad breath that makes kissing impossible
  • Unpleasant, unclean body odor
  • Lack of shaving in the intimate area or unwashed body hair.
  • Lack of oral hygiene.
  • Smell in the intimate area
  • Poor toilet hygiene

These examples are actually extremes. They meet average expectations for regular daily hygiene. Of course, some people “just don’t smell each other.” However, it is another matter when unpleasant odors actually occur. They are usually caused by excess body fluids such as sweat, urine, feces or semen. An escort who regularly maintains close contact with a variety of people pays great attention to cleanliness, as this protects not only her, but also her clients from contagious diseases.

The reaction of others to this is as natural as the reaction to pheromones or positive odors. This is a healthy protective behavior because an unwashed body (and even more so unwashed clothes) provides an ideal breeding ground for microbes and parasites to colonize. We don't want to infect ourselves and control ourselves accordingly. An escort who regularly maintains close contact with a variety of people pays great attention to cleanliness, as this protects not only her, but also her clients from contagious diseases.

Recommended preparation procedures for the client before picking up a whore

Thus, the necessary hygiene procedures concern not only personal rejection, but also health precautions that should guarantee you, as well as other clients of the accompanying girl, a certain level of safety. For you, this means dressing before your date in clean, well-groomed clothes and taking basic hygiene measures.

These include:

  • Thorough body cleansing (with soap, under running water)
  • Take special care in the intimate area (pull back the foreskin, use a mild intimate hygiene lotion).
  • Careful dental care
    Apply deodorant (perfume or aftershave won't hurt either)
  • Fresh underwear Either thorough shaving and/or enhanced intimate hygiene (after each visit to the toilet)
  • Some women prefer non-smokers or don't kiss smokers (talk about this first)
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet
  • Wash your hands after blowing your nose
  • Ideally, you should take another shower immediately before sexual intercourse. This applies to both sides.

How an escort girl prepares

An escort girl, of course, must also carefully prepare for a date. She will look clean and well-groomed. It is mainly shaved on the legs and under the arms, and in many cases also completely or partially in the genital area. We can assume that she has well-groomed nails and good dental care.

In addition, the woman will dress according to the occasion. She can also dress according to your wishes. She will also apply a pleasant perfume and good makeup. This is where you can detail any restrictions. (For example, if you prefer light makeup or have allergies that preclude the use of fragrance.)

A woman will greatly appreciate it if she has a little time to shower at the end of the date before returning to her daily routine. Some people also like to just take a short shower together.

Decent behavior should be a given

In addition to the above-mentioned hygiene deficiencies, a number of other circumstances may lead to the fact that the escort will not be able to satisfy your requests. Apart from poor personal hygiene, women are mainly turned off by their appearance. Of course, this can be dealt with if one client is more direct and another less direct. What is meant here is much more respect for social boundaries.

Loud belching and smelly wind are considered impolite. The same goes for disrespectful comments and being overly bossy. Even if you are nervous, try to avoid automatisms. A finger in the nose, a hand in your pants and bitten nails are an expression of lack of self-control. Be attentive to the date and maintain decorum.

You will find it easier if you drink alcohol and other stimulants in moderation. You know yourself better than anyone and probably know at what level of alcohol you can no longer react in an orderly manner to your environment. It is advisable to maintain this level.

If you go over it, not only do you risk being rejected by your date, but you could also miss out on most of your (quite expensive) date if you pass out early or have low memory.

Problems that shouldn't exist

The problems mentioned relate to differences from the social norm. Perfectionism is not expected. You don't have to put in much effort. It's just a matter of a healthy level of hygiene. Therefore, such conflict situations rarely occur. Actually, it's up to you. Present yourself as you would expect from your colleague.